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Welcome to The Institute for Telling Development

 Transformation through Participation is at the heart of what we passionately do at ITD. Since 1995 we developed participatory practices to transform complex behaviour in both individuals and communities. These years of experience have contributed towards the development of skills to address complex challenges and to improve personal and group interaction across a diverse spectrum of social contexts and capabilities. 




About ITD

Our commitment to Transformation through Participation has resulted in using a Transdisciplinary approach in all the services that we offer. In a Transdisciplinary approach, professionals contribute their unique expertise but work beyond their own discipline. They strive to understand the complexities of the whole project, rather than one part of it. Transdisciplinary projects allow professionals to transcend their own disciplines to inform one another’s work, capture complexity, and transform practices. Our Transdisciplinary team members each contribute their own knowledge and expertise in our collective effort to determine the best practices and approaches to address challenges and facilitate the necessary transformation.

We co-design all our organisational development and behaviour processes in participation with the relevant organisation.

Our projects are monitored and evaluated with the aim to identify the impact of our services with the intention of providing the business case for our services to our clients. Determining the return on investment of our services to our clients reflects our commitment to business development and transformation.

ITD retains 85% of their clients.


What Our Client's Say

  • I would like to use the opportunity thank each and every one of you for your contribution on the success of the mine closure project. Your contribution is much appreciated! It has been a privilege to work with such a committed team and we would like to do so again in future. Big thanks from my side!
  • Since the first training session, I have started to be more responsible in my personal life and at work. I now have less stress and am more adept at solving problems.
  • After completing training I feel like I have a better relationship with my supervisor. We have a better understanding of each other and are working towards mutual respect.
  • I think it was an excellent course. We bonded as a group like never before, we should do it yearly.
  • The whole process allowed me to improve as a manager. I am now more participative. I realized that I have to be a good leader to allow the team to succeed.

Quick Contact

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265 Von Willich Street,
Tel: +27(0) 12 346 2092
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