ITD Researher to Attend International Conference in USA

Elonya Niehaus Coetzee editedElonya Niehaus, researcher at the Institute for Transdisciplinary Development, will be attending the 5th International Qualitative Research in Management and Organization Conference (QRM) from 22 to 24 March in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

The theme of the conference is “Dialogue, Disruption and Inclusion” and the two keynote speakers are Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor of Social Psychology at the City University of New York, USA, and John Shotter, Emeritus Professor of Communication, University of New Hampshire, USA,

Michelle Fine engages in critical participatory action research in schools, prisons and communities, to address issues of injustice, exclusion, dispossession and contested subjectivities. Her concern is not just to theorise, but to interrupt and change.

John Shotter has long been interested in disrupting and refiguring inquiry from “aboutness” to “withness” thinking, to a kind of before-the-fact 'in process' thinking instead of the after-the-fact “cause & effect” thinking we do currently in response to events that have already happened. He is interested in participatory forms of life and inquiry in a world of living, embodied beings: to movements of feeling and moments of judgment.

Both are embedded in working with communities in inclusive dialogical ways.

The aim of QRM 2016 is to explore the implications of dialogue, disruption and inclusion in researching organizational life.

"I feel privileged to be given this opportunity to attend an international qualitative research conference," Elonya said. "Not only because it is an opportunity to travel abroad, but also to be given the chance to engage with people interested in collaborative and dialogical practices for research. I hope that this conference will give me new information and experiences that I can use to add value to ITD and the work that we do in organisations and communities.

I am passionate to make visible the transformative work that ITD does by researching and writing about our unique ‘transformation through participation’ approach. I hope that this conference will inspire new ways of researching ITD’s business practices.

"This will be my first visit to the USA. I have always dreamt about experiencing New York. Now this will become a reality – after attending the conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, my husband will join me in New York. We have a friend who lives there and together with her we will experience New York ‘through her eyes’."

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